Frequently Asked and Often Answered Questions

How Do I Specify To My Designer Where To Place Inserts?

Here is the format for specifying where to place your Inserts.

Chapter 1

  • Type of insert:  ie. Pull Quote, Photo Art, Table) 
    • last sentence of the paragraph nearest the insert.
  • Text of insert:
    • Copy of the text of the quote
    • anything specific about this insert (ie. please have every third word appear Bold)
    • Images to accompany the text.

Chapter 2

  • Wash Rinse Repeat

How do you partner with authors?

I would love a chance to talk with you briefly about the book you need to have designed. I’m Edgar. I am a storyteller. One of my favorite things to do is partnering up with people and taking a journey through the publishing process with them. It is a journey I have taken myself. It taught me a lot. One of the most blatant of lessons was “not to go alone.” It’s good to have a friend with you.

I am interested in your story, as much as I am in the one you need to tell. If walking with you and telling your story is something we both are comfortable with, you get a partner, an encourager, and someone who is invested in making your journey tough enough to learn from and hopeful enough that you never stop pushing. I send proofs and ideas back and forth to you during the entire process. This helps you see the kind of decisions and considerations that go into the “look” of your work. The most important reason for the way I do things is the result. It ensures the voice of the book is yours.

What questions do you (John Edgar) have about my (the client) project?

I actually have several questions. Some involve the specifics of dimension and things of that nature. The nuts and bolts we can quickly deal with. My big four questions are simple and related more to the purpose than design. I’m a storyteller. Stories not only change lives, but they also make the same kind of lasting difference in our culture today as the heroes of legends in the days of old.

I like to know about the stories I help tell and the storytellers who share them.

1. Why does your book exist?

2. Why did you tell the story?

3. In a “dream,” money is no object kind of situation; what could I do to help you tell your story?

Interviews and consultations are free from me. No cost to talk with me. It isn’t one of those bait-and-switch “you don’t get real information just promises of real info” until you actually pay. I like people, I will happily have a conversation with one. I would love to talk and see if there is a way I can help you out.

I almost forgot about the fourth question. Here it is, just for you.

4. Do you want to be a hero?

Let’s be heroes.

Why Do You Do This?

We can spend most of our days speaking courage and hope into people’s lives. Our voice can last for a bit. Eventually, our words will fade and be forgotten. The encouragement we were, the ideas we had will fade away. Unless we write them down. The stories we write down can continue to affect people’s lives and our world for hundreds of years or more. Telling your story, for entertainment or enlightenment, for encouragement or rebuke can have an impact that reaches beyond your voice and continues beyond your life. Our stories become heroes.

Why do I do this? I have spent my life helping people find the hero within themselves. I don’t make heroes. I’m just the guy helping others realize who they have always been. The guy that helps the world recognize this is the hero they have been looking for. I help people with stories worth telling to have the best chance possible to be heard by the people that need those stories.

I’m the guy that looks at an author one step from the edge of the world they know about to enter a world new to them. Where they will face the challenge of self-publishing, an overwhelming beast trying to stop their words from making a difference to the world. I’m the guy that looks at that author, smiles, and says, “Let’s be heroes.”

What about an hourly charge?

I charge a set price for all my work. I will happily talk with you and do a completely free consultation. During our talk, you can give me a more detailed idea of what you are looking to receive. We can find the package best fitting your needs. If it is something I can not provide, or we are just not “jiving” with each other, It is all good. No charges or hurt feelings.

What if I met you on Upwork?

Upwork House-Keeping Interlude, for if we met on my favorite freelance gig site:

I know I gave you a copy of my website to look at for prices and portfolios and those fun things over on Upwork. You also see that my site offers “buy options” that are so tempting you wanna smash that button Immediately and give me all the dollars. I do applaud that instinct. I am a massive fan of receiving all the dollars. However, before you start smashing, I have a favor to ask you. 

Since I met you on upwork, please don’t purchase anything directly from my site. It is exceptionally easy to interview me on Upwork, and we can use Upwork for payments. Upwork has been very good for me, and as a company, they help feed a lot of people all around the world. I want to make sure they get their cut of any clients I meet there.

There is no up-charge from my site for paying through Upwork. I take the cost of Upwork’s commission out of my end. You pay the same price here as you would there. So be awesome and contract me through Upwork.

That said, you can get all the info for my services you need here at 

Do you really care about my story?

yes. yes, I do. your story means as much to me as your money means to my mortgage company.