What if I met you on Upwork?

Upwork House-Keeping Interlude, for if we met on my favorite freelance gig site:

I know I gave you a copy of my website to look at for prices and portfolios and those fun things over on Upwork. You also see that my site offers “buy options” that are so tempting you wanna smash that button Immediately and give me all the dollars. I do applaud that instinct. I am a massive fan of receiving all the dollars. However, before you start smashing, I have a favor to ask you. 

Since I met you on upwork, please don’t purchase anything directly from my site. It is exceptionally easy to interview me on Upwork, and we can use Upwork for payments. Upwork has been very good for me, and as a company, they help feed a lot of people all around the world. I want to make sure they get their cut of any clients I meet there.

There is no up-charge from my site for paying through Upwork. I take the cost of Upwork’s commission out of my end. You pay the same price here as you would there. So be awesome and contract me through Upwork.

That said, you can get all the info for my services you need here at www.johnedgar.design