Why Do You Do This?

We can spend most of our days speaking courage and hope into people’s lives. Our voice can last for a bit. Eventually, our words will fade and be forgotten. The encouragement we were, the ideas we had will fade away. Unless we write them down. The stories we write down can continue to affect people’s lives and our world for hundreds of years or more. Telling your story, for entertainment or enlightenment, for encouragement or rebuke can have an impact that reaches beyond your voice and continues beyond your life. Our stories become heroes.

Why do I do this? I have spent my life helping people find the hero within themselves. I don’t make heroes. I’m just the guy helping others realize who they have always been. The guy that helps the world recognize this is the hero they have been looking for. I help people with stories worth telling to have the best chance possible to be heard by the people that need those stories.

I’m the guy that looks at an author one step from the edge of the world they know about to enter a world new to them. Where they will face the challenge of self-publishing, an overwhelming beast trying to stop their words from making a difference to the world. I’m the guy that looks at that author, smiles, and says, “Let’s be heroes.”