Premium Packages

Premium EBook & Print Package

With this package you receive:

Your Own Project Coordinator to Expertly Guide Your Book Project Through the Design Process and your first prints. We help your journey be a little less lonely and overwhelming.

Project Coordinator

Creative Consulting & Niche Style Researching making sure your design fits into the readers expectations and still stands out as a reflection of your writing and story. 

Creative Consulting & Niche Style Researching

Delivery. We take on the task of uploading your book files and metadata to any one of the major Online vendors or a publishing house. 

Delivery To Publisher

With our services you make an upfront payment to get you book ready to publish. The royalty and rights from any book sales are 100% yours. 

Full Royalties Rights

You get an encourager, motivator, guru and friend. One who invests in you and the success of your book. Someone who would love to hear updates from time to time. We want to brag about our friend the author and their book that is changing the world. 

An Often Overlooked Service.

Custom High-end Book Cover & Interior Design by an Expert Designer, You have a single professional dedicated to your project and your story. They remain with you for the duration of your project. 

Custom High-End Book Cover & Interior Design

Image Sourcing Services to insure you have the royalty free images your design needs to make a maximum impact.

Image Sourcing Services

Master Files. We make sure you have Publication Ready Master Files for POD & Digital outlets. These are for your records and if in the future you wish to send them. We also make sure you have the “native build files” from your project. Allowing you to have any professional make changes to the files. 

Master Files For POD & Digital

ISBNs. We’ll acquire and register a ISBN with Bowker (the official source in the US) for both your Print Book and your Digital Book. This is required by most legitimate booksellers online and brick&mortar shops, including Amazon, BooksAMillion and many more. We include two ISBN’s which if purchased separately would have a value of $250.

ISBNs For Your Books

Premium EBook & Print Package

With this package, you receive everything in the Premium Design Package and:

A marketing plan you can execute focusing on the avenues best for your books niche, and tactics ranging from organizing book signings with bookstores to keeping your readers engaged with blogging.

Personalized Marketing Plan

We research and create a list of keywords related to your book and the subject of the manuscript. Using words that are commonly associated with your books niche we generate a list of “key words used in search engines” when looking for similar topics. You can use these words to Optimize your advertising for Search Engines. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Word List

A Set of Social Media Marketing Images promoting your book using art that compliments and is patterned in the same style as your books overall design.

Set Of Social Media Marketing Images

Curated list of 10 people, and contact information, who frequently review books from your niche online. We will also include a template for a letter requesting a free and honest review of your book. 

Review Request Kit