Professional Book Design

A well-designed book is critical to your success. As much work as you put into your manuscript, it may not get the attention it deserves without professional formatting. When there are hundreds of books on a shelf or web page, people will naturally trust the well-designed ones and notice them first and foremost. 

We offer two premium packages
Both are an affordable way to get everything
an author could need to find success

JohnEdgar.Design will help you provide the best possible reading experience for your book’s audience, and help give you the highest possible chance for a customer to fall in love with you at first sight.  

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Every Hero needs to be trained. We can help you evaluate your marketing efforts and optimize your approach. We work hard to get you ready to be the Hero we know you can be.  

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We will work with you to evaluate your niche and provide a plan tackling the key marketing areas you’ll benefit the most from while promoting your book. We give you a checklist, artwork, and a plan that can be implemented at your discretion.

PreDesigned Covers

Our Pre-Designed Packages give you everything from a professionally designed eBook Cover, a Print Book Cover, or even an entire Book Launch Kit with both Covers and Social Media Images at a small fraction of the normal price.
Your story deserves a chance to be heard. We can help make that possible on a budget.

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