Book Marketing & Promotion

Every Hero needs to be trained. Let us help you evaluate your marketing efforts and optimize your approach. We get you ready to be the Hero we know you can be.  

We will work with you to evaluate your niche and provide a plan tackling the key marketing areas you’ll benefit the most from while promoting your book. We give you a checklist, artwork, and a plan that can be implemented at your discretion.


Answer a brief questionnaire to give us some information about you and your publishing goals.
A Dedicated expert, who has been around the block a few times, will look at your questionnaire and prepare some guides and materials.

You will have a 60-minute training phone call with your book marketing expert.
Together you will create an actionable game plan.

You will now have access to the plan, resources, and confidence needed to sell more books. You can begin changing the world with your words immediately.